Lawspective awarded in the 21st Ranking of Law Firms by the “Rzeczpospolita” daily in 2023!

We are happy to inform you that we have ranked as the 44th law firm in terms of the number of lawyers, which means that we’ve managed to go up by as many as 19 places!

Moreover, Paweł Litwiński, attorney-at-law, Managing Partner at Lawspective, was listed among the recommended legal experts in the field of banking and finance law. It is a very important award, but also confirms that we are recognised as a strong player among our competitors when it comes to our leading field of specialty.

The annual Ranking of Law Firms put together by the “Rzeczpospolita” daily newspaper is one of the most important and also most prestigious ranking lists in the legal business.

A shout-out to our exceptional Teams in Warsaw and Poznań! Without your engagement, we wouldn’t be where we are now, thank you. We are also immensely grateful to our Clients – thank you for your trust!

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From a dream to a team (of 50 excellent lawyers), or the story of Lawspective

Over 15 years of experience. A broad spectrum of practical legal competences. Good relations and prompt response to Client’s needs. These are the pillars of our new brand, which was born a year ago from the shared concept of its three founders.

How did it start?

It all started when the professional paths of the three founding partners of Lawspective intersected (or, as it turned out: converged). Marianna Valirakis-Wołyńska, Paweł Litwiński and Marcin Łoś met when they were all asked to provide legal services to one client in the sector of finance. It was then that the partnership of their three legal firms began and that the main field of specialty was shaped for the newly emerged Lawspective.

The three lawyers not only got to like each other immediately, but they also discovered that they share a vision and plans for the future. Thus, they decided to join forces to create a large law firm and offer legal services to financial institutions, but also to businesses in other sectors.

Well aware of the fact that size matters, they started Lawspective, a law firm with a team of nearly 50 lawyers. Lawspective has been offering its services for over a year now in its two offices, in Warsaw and Poznań, and it constantly develops its field of practice.

Paweł Litwiński and Marianna Valirakis-Wołyńska are attorneys-at-law with many years of experience. They have brought to Lawspective – their new brand – their expertise and know-how in the field of assisting medium and large enterprises during multimillion transactions, but also joined together their competences, thanks to which they have built and successfully manage a large team working in two locations. Lawspective is present in Warsaw and in Poznań, thanks to which it can represent its Clients in courts across Poland or hold a meeting in almost no time to ensure smooth operation of their law firm, and, most importantly, the best service possible for its Clients.

What do we mean when we say “Legal perspective for business”?

In our everyday practice, we take into account the specific character of each industry and the needs of the market on which our Clients operate. We know the business reality in Poland. We also know how important it is to listen carefully and make sure we understand our partners’ needs. Thanks to that, we offer to our Clients tailor-made and truly effective legal solutions, and when doing so, we always remember about their business, too.

At Lawspective, we look from the perspective of law and act in compliance with it. We always take into account the best interests of our Clients and take a pro-business approach, because it is our goal to support you by finding the best solutions for you and your enterprise. We identify risks and respond to them quickly by recommending efficient solutions to eliminate hazards. If needed, we represent our Clients in court disputes.

We guarantee simple and effective solutions, thanks to which our Clients can stay focused on their business and at the same time be sure that they act in line with the applicable regulations.

We know the business reality in Poland. In our recommendations of legal solutions, we take into consideration our Clients’ business context and market needs.

How do we work?

The motto that we coined at the very beginning of our firm: “Law from the perspective of business. Business from the perspective of law” is not just an empty slogan. It is the expression of our approach to Clients in our everyday practice.

Look how we assist our Clients in line with our motto:

1. We show you a transparent route, right to the goal. We are creative and versatile, and our advisory services are geared towards creating practical solutions for business. We value our Clients’ time.

2. We recommend efficient and effective solutions. Our goal is to provide advice that will help our Clients take the best possible decisions.

3. We anticipate and reduce obstacles. We identify risks and respond to them quickly by recommending efficient solutions to eliminate any hazard.

4. We take into consideration the nature of the market and business sector in which our Clients work.

5. Individual approach to each Client is our priority.

Our main fields of practice

Lawspective is a law firm that is ready to assist you in a wide range of legal issues related to your business. Our main field of expertise, one that brought us all together, is providing legal services to financial institutions and representing our Clients in court disputes.

For more than 15 years, we have been offering ongoing advisory to banks, factoring companies, brokerage firms, and investment funds, as well as represent our Clients in court disputes in this field. We have also completed a number of transaction advisory projects and complex regulatory projects for the financial sector.

We are highly experienced when it comes to court cases involving loans denominated in Swiss francs – among other things, we participate in developing a court strategy for a bank, our Client, in cases related to CHF mortgage loans. Our team of seasoned litigation attorneys represents institutions in class-action lawsuits filed by consumers.

We provided legal assistance to a network of branches of one of the largest private banks in Poland.

However, Lawspective is definitely much more than finance. We also work for companies in the manufacturing, food production and agricultural sectors. We have significant expertise in sports marketing. Moreover, our team comprises great specialists in corporate law.

More than finance

Lawspective is much more than finance! In our law firm, we have a team of nearly 50 lawyers with a wide spectrum of practical competences. Thanks to that, we can offer our support to a broad range of clients, whom we support in solving a variety of legal issues.

So far, many companies from the manufacturing, food production and agricultural sectors have trusted us. At Lawspective, we have many years of experience in providing legal services to agricultural entities in the business of livestock and crop farming, cereals trade, and also companies that work in the field of food manufacturing and processing, including meat processing. We know the nature of this industry and the legal environment of those sectors, thanks to which we are in a position to offer specialist and comprehensive legal services to our Clients.

Another field of Lawspective’s competence is sports marketing. For many years, we have provided legal assistance during sales transactions of broadcasting and media rights regarding major sports events, as well as negotiated and drafted high-profile sponsoring deals, and offered advice to accomplished athletes. We have an honour and pleasure to work with one of the greatest Polish sportswomen by supporting her with our legal services in the broad field of sports law.

Apart from the areas of expertise listed above, we also offer legal services in the following fields:

  • intellectual property law
  • debt recovery, restructuring, insolvency and bankruptcy,
  • real property law
  • succession and strategic advisory
  • labour law
  • company law, including mergers and acquisitions.

Our team develops all the time, so we are ready for more! Our plan for the future is to uphold our main direction of growth and primary fields of expertise. At the same time, thanks to the extensive knowledge and skills of our lawyers, we are open and ready to provide legal assistance to companies from other business sectors.

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The resolution is awaited by franc borrowers and banks

The First President of the Supreme Court clearly notes the legal problem of mutual settlements between the parties after the collapse of a contract, not from the consumer’s perspective, but also from the bank’s perspective. The Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court will not clarify all doubts in relation to the franc cases, but it will still be a resolution that puts many issues in order.

The opinion voiced here and there that the so-called banking community is alarmed by Professor Manowska’s decision cannot be confirmed, but we agree with those who welcome the prospect of an orderly statement from the Supreme Court.  Following David L. George, let us remind you that we should not be afraid of a big step, because you cannot bridge a chasm with two small ones.

Read also: Swiss franc borrower may claim repayment of instalments even if he has not repaid the loan he borrowed – Supreme Court resolution

The possibility to maintain the loan agreement in force is rightly posed at the beginning of the request, in the case of removal by the court of prohibited contractual provisions concerning the rules of determining the exchange rate. The elimination of abusive clauses from legal trading should not in principle consist in the annihilation of contractual legal relations. Besides, this desire to maintain the contractual relationship seems to be a common element of the request and the widely discussed proposal of the chairman of the Financial Supervision Authority, Professor Jastrzębski, concerning conversion of franc loans into zlotys and also maintaining the contractual bond. By the way, an analysis of the interaction between Prof. Jastrzębski’s comprehensive and internally coherent proposal and Prof. Manowska’s proposal deserves a separate analysis.

Systemic protection

The sanction of invalidity, or to be more precise, the sanction of not being bound by the content of the template, which leads to lack of enforceability of the agreement, should be considered as ultima ratio also through the prism of the principle of proportionality, equality before the law (let us remember about those who incurred debt in PLN from the very beginning) and the principle of pacta sunt servanda. This all adds up to systemic consumer protection under Directive 93/13.

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