Fundacje rodzinne

Rejestrujemy i prowadzimy bieżącą obsługę prawną i podatkową fundacji rodzinnych.


Specialisation is our strength

Corporate law. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

We advise clients at the stage of designing the optimum legal form for conducting business activity and the ongoing operation of the company, up to the process of eventual liquidation. Within the above scope, we can offer in particular the following services:

  • establishment of new entities, amendments to contracts and articles of association of existing companies, representation of Clients before registry courts;
  • share capital increases, including non-standard ones;
  • preparation of corporate documentation, e.g. minutes of supervisory board meetings, management board meetings, by-laws;
  • comprehensive support in preparation and conduct of meetings of capital companies and shareholders’ meetings of partnerships;
  • all changes in the composition of shareholders, trading in shares and stocks, redemption of shares and stocks;
  • contracts and agreements between shareholders of companies; challenging resolutions and other corporate disputes.

We have many years of experience in transaction advisory, we perfectly identify business needs of our Clients, thanks to the knowledge and experience of our lawyers we support our Clients in the most complex transactions:

  • we conduct complex legal analyses of companies and other entities (due diligence) in order to recognise and identify cases of potential legal risk involved in a given transaction;
  • we carefully prepare the transaction structure so as to secure the interests of our Clients and eliminate the risk of litigation; in the case of Clients conducting regulated business, we take into account the context of a given industry and regulatory guidelines when drawing up transaction documents we accompany our clients at every stage of the transaction, from the signing of a letter of intent to the completion of the transaction and performance of obligations under the transaction documents or supervision of restructuring processes.

Intellectual property

We understand that intellectual property is an important element of our clients’ assets and requires special protection. Our Law Firm provides, among others, services in the field of intellectual property rights protection and assistance in the entire process related to the protection and management of trademarks, as well as in the field of copyrights. We offer legal services, among others, in the following fields:

  • trademark application for protection of a trademark in a selected country (in cooperation with trademark attorneys);
  • trademark management;
  • monitoring changes in the law;
  • counseling and legal assistance in case of collision or infringement of trademark rights;
  • drafting contracts for sale of intellectual property rights;
  • drafting agreements concerning copyrights, including license agreements, drafting website regulations.

Labour law

Many years of experience in advising on individual and collective labour law allows us to effectively protect our clients from crisis situations that may arise in disputes with employees, optimisation processes and inspections carried out by labour protection institutions:

  • we negotiate conditions and prepare the structure and documentation constituting the basis for employment (employment contracts, managerial contracts, non-competition agreements);
  • we draft, in cooperation with our clients, work regulations, remuneration regulations, bonus schemes for managers, company social benefit fund regulations and other regulations required in employee relations;
  • we support our clients in the process of terminating employment relationships with employees;
  • we represent clients in mediation proceedings and disputes within the scope of employment law;
  • we provide comprehensive support to our clients in the process of organisational changes and transformations.


We have unique competences and experience in the broadly understood sports law, media rights to sports events, commercial use of sports events or the image of renowned athletes:

  • our lawyers have provided legal support in numerous transactions of key importance to Polish athletes, fans and TV broadcasters;
  • we have advised on numerous transactions involving the sale of media rights, including the sale of Formula 1 races to Polsat television, Ekstraklasa football matches to Canal+ television and Ekstraliga speedway races to Canal+ television;
  • we prepare and negotiate sponsorship agreements which on the one hand provide the necessary capital for the sports market, and on the other hand constitute an alternative for sponsors or partners to traditional forms of advertising, we provide legal services to leading Polish athletes and organisers of major sporting events.

Agriculture and food production

The firm’s lawyers have many years’ experience in providing legal services to entities in the agricultural sector, dealing with crop and animal production, grain trading, as well as companies involved in the production and processing of food, including meat. Being familiar with the specificity of the industry and the legal environment concerning the
agricultural sector, the law firm can offer its clients specialised and comprehensive legal services, which may include, among others, the following activities:

  • drafting and providing opinions on contracts and general conditions of sale in the trade of agricultural and food products;
  • assistance in establishing companies, their transformation, creating groups of agricultural producers;
  • ongoing legal services, including representation of companies in administrative proceedings;
  • creation and analysis of lease agreements, including lease of land for sowing, wind farms, photovoltaic farms or biogas plants;
  • legal support in the investment process of construction of production and farm buildings;
  • legal assistance in obtaining public aid;
  • handling transactions of sale or purchase of agricultural land and representing clients in proceedings before the National Support Centre for Agriculture.

Restructuring and bankruptcy

The law firm has a team of experienced lawyers in the field of restructuring and bankruptcy law and debt recovery, who represent creditors on a daily basis, helping them to obtain or secure the enforcement of debts. The firm can offer legal services to clients, which may include, among others, the following activities:

  • analysing and giving opinions on documents related to loans and the correctness of granted collaterals;
  • developing strategies for rectifying wrongly established collaterals;
  • obtaining enforcement titles in actions for payment, in cases involving bills of exchange, against mortgage debtors, including recovery of amounts owed to BGK;
  • enforcement of receivables in enforcement proceedings;
  • ongoing legal assistance and drafting of opinions in relation to bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings of clients’ debtors;
  • providing opinions on annexes to agreements, collateral agreements, debt repayment agreements, enforcement of claims in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings;
  • representation of clients during creditors’ committees in bankruptcy or restructuring proceedings;
  • assistance to clients in restructuring their business as a part of restructuring proceedings.

Real Estate

  • we provide professional advice on real estate transactions and investment processes;
  • we perform complex legal analyses related to the examination of the legal status of purchased real estate in order to identify and mitigate risks for our clients;
  • we offer comprehensive services to business entities at every stage of the investment process, in particular with regard to obtaining administrative decisions and permits required under the Act on Spatial Planning and Development and the Construction Law;
  • we participate in the drafting of agreements concerning the transfer of property ownership, as well as lease and tenancy agreements, supporting our clients in negotiating such agreements;
  • we prepare and negotiate loan agreements between investors and a bank on behalf of a bank or a borrower.

Negotiations and strategic consulting

We advise on all aspects related to the conclusion, termination and performance of civil law contracts, both in domestic and international trade:

  • we prepare, negotiate and provide opinions on contracts, advise during their execution and help to assert claims arising during the performance of contracts;
  • we also provide comprehensive services related to the preparation and marketing of general terms and conditions of sale and/or provision of services, rules of procedure;
  • we advise on the choice of optimum contractual solutions securing the interests of our clients and we pay particular attention to the broadest possible recognition and securing of all types of risks, related to the prepared and negotiated agreements.

Disputes, arbitration, mediation

Litigation may be a consequence of doing business, but the involvement of lawyers at the appropriate stage in safeguarding the client’s interests can lead to avoiding disputes:

  • we conduct pre-litigation negotiations aimed at an amicable resolution of disputes; where possible, we seek to protect our clients from the need to conduct lengthy litigation;
  • we represent Polish and foreign clients in contentious matters before common courts of all instances, administrative courts, the Supreme Administrative Court as well as the Supreme Court;
  • we are competent in mass litigation, where we represent financial institutions in disputes with consumers (foreign currency loans, UNWW, investment products);
  • we carefully prepare, in cooperation with our clients, a strategy for conducting a dispute, creating various scenarios for possible legal argumentation, which is to fully secure the interests of our clients; we represent clients before arbitration courts and in proceedings with the participation of mediators.

Banking, financing, factoring

We have unique experience in understanding how a bank operates in every aspect of its business – regulatory, product-related, transactional for over 15 years we have been providing ongoing advice to financial institutions (banks, factoring companies, brokerage houses, investment funds):

  • we provide transactional advice and have conducted complex regulatory projects for financial institutions, including a unique project involving the construction of a Mortgage Bank within the structures of the Santander Group;
  • we represent banks in proceedings conducted before the Office of the Financial Supervision Authority;
  • we advise on projects related to the development of factoring products;
  • we support banks and factoring companies in the implementation of non-standard financing structures, including providing opinions on transaction assumptions and drawing up legal documentation;
  • we are responsible for the legal service of the branch network of one of the largest private banks;
  • we are familiar with the specifics of banking, factoring and investment products;
  • we co-create internal banking regulations, rules and factoring documentation, including supporting financial institutions in adapting the documentation to current legal and regulatory requirements;
  • we prepare expert opinions on important legal issues concerning banking and factoring activities;
  • we co-create the bank’s litigation strategy in CHF loan cases;
  • we have a team of experienced litigation lawyers qualified in handling mass disputes with consumers (CHF cases; low own contribution insurance and investment products);
  • we advise banks conducting brokerage activities on regulatory issues related to the functioning of investment firms, we represent financial institutions in enforcement, restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings from the perspective of securing creditors’ interests.