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Paweł Litwiński

Managing Partner, Attorney-at-Law

Strategic consulting for financial institutions, litigation, sports law, corporate law

  • Expert in commercial and civil law with extensive experience in providing services to companies, including financial institutions;
  • graduate of doctoral studies at the Institute of Law Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Currently preparing a doctoral dissertation on capital companies law under the supervision of professor Andrzej Szajkowski;
  • gained professional experience in the field of, among others, M&A in a renowned law firm, leading and supervising the process of examining the legal status of commercial companies or real estate, and then within the law firm;
  • involved in permanent service of the majority of the law firm’s clients.


  • graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw (2001);
  • completed his attorney-at-law training at the Warsaw Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law (2005);
  • completed a four-year doctoral course at the Institute of Legal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences- specialisation: commercial law (2014);
  • entered on the list of attorneys-at-law.


  • Polish
  • English