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Legal perspective for business. It’s time for Lawspective.

We are a law firm which was founded as a result of two experienced firms joining forces. We have been practicing and developing as Lawspective for over a year now, in our offices in Poznań and Warsaw. We specialise in services for the business sector. “Law from the perspective of business. Business from the perspective of law” is how our Lawspective team sees legal assistance for business.

‘We make sure to look at our Clients and their companies from the perspective of law, but we never forget about the business aspect,’ says Paweł Litwiński, attorney-at-law, Managing Partner at Lawspective. ‘We have been practicing law for over 15 years now. We know the business reality in Poland and design legal solutions that take into account our Clients’ industry and market,’ he adds.

Brought together by… Clients

Working together on legal advisory services for a major client from the sector of finance – this is how the partnership of the law firms from Warsaw and Poznań started, determining the main focus of Lawspective. With a team of over 40 lawyers, we specialise in legal services for banks, as well as financial and factoring institutions. Our experts have exceptional experience and in-depth knowledge of how financial institutions work and what kind of legal services they need.

‘We have been providing ongoing legal advice to financial institutions, including banks, factoring companies, brokerage firms, investment funds. Among other things, we have completed transaction advisory and complex regulatory projects for this sector,’ Marianna Valirakis-Wołyńska, attorney-at-law, Managing Partner at Lawspective, points out.

More than finance

Lawspective offers legal services to clients all around Poland. Our team brings together extensive practical expertise, knowledge and genuine engagement in solving legal issues. Thanks to that, we have managed to build a wide portfolio of clients, including companies from the financial sector, but also family businesses from the manufacturing and food industries, and property developers.

Another area of Lawspective’s competence is sports marketing. For many years, we have provided legal assistance during sales transactions of broadcasting and media rights regarding major sports events, as well as negotiated and drafted high-profile sponsoring deals, and offered advice to accomplished athletes.

Good relations and swift action, whenever needed

In our relations with Clients, we treat each of you individually and focus strongly on the needs of your business. We are appreciated for a proactive approach when it comes to legal assistance – at Lawspective, we make sure to identify risks at the earliest possible stage and develop efficient mechanisms to eliminate hazards. Our lawyers recommend the best solutions, thanks to which our Clients make right decisions.

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